Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Back to Tumblr!!


So.. I talk about tumblr in blog. Hahah.. And as you can see, recently I mostly tumblr-ing around rather than blogging. I've own the tumblr account from a year or two, but just recently happened to be active in tumblr again. What I do in tumblr mostly just blabbering.. And mostly about errr.. Big Bang. Yeah, my current escapee, right. With all this dizziness and idea-block for my (I hope) final semester, I just need daily dose of instant happiness!! And tumblr is just the perfect place for err.. fangirling (you may say). Urrgghh I can't believe I speak about this hahah.. Seriously the fansite in tumblr are soo unbelievably and quickly updated, you know! I imagine those fangirls in tumblr just have no life. Or maybe because tumblr just so practical for quick update. I mostly tumblr-ing from my smartphone too. And also more reason why I don't blog much lately, bcoz I feel the urge to present more decent post in my blog. Which is much more difficult to do from your phone. And I just have no idea for any decent post while I pretty much have difficulty in my final project too soo.. I'll be in hiatus (again). And Just wish me luck --"

So you may see the more honest (or lame) side from me (like you care) in my tumblr page, not just about Big Bang coz I pretty much talking (and reblogging) nonsenses and miscellaneous things too haha... And whether you want to follow me or not. I've warn you what's my tumblr mostly about. So Just LIKE IT or LEAVE IT!! :) Bye! 
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