Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

dragon boy!!!

I'm going to G-Dragon World Tour (One of A Kind) in Jakarta!! Yay!!
Despite the venue is bad as in so sooo bad.. And I hate it from the bottom of my heart. I can't resist Gd's temptation hahah.. Hope this will be better. Oh yes, never hold your hopes high for indonesian's concert promotor.. --" Well let see..

Anywayy... I've drawn these sooo long ago. And I'm too lazy to finish it. hrr.. It's suck.. I know.. And to think it's my first fanart eveerr! I'll fix it soon!! He is so good in plain t-shirt.. You think? hahah.. 
Full report later soon!! Haengshoo~~

gd sketch 1 photo 1-8.jpg
gd sketch 2 photo 2-9.jpg

In case anyone curious here, I'm still unemployed! hiks..  mercy my unoccupied soul T.T
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