Jumat, 14 Juni 2013

dragon boy!!!

I'm going to G-Dragon World Tour (One of A Kind) in Jakarta!! Yay!!
Despite the venue is bad as in so sooo bad.. And I hate it from the bottom of my heart. I can't resist Gd's temptation hahah.. Hope this will be better. Oh yes, never hold your hopes high for indonesian's concert promotor.. --" Well let see..

Anywayy... I've drawn these sooo long ago. And I'm too lazy to finish it. hrr.. It's suck.. I know.. And to think it's my first fanart eveerr! I'll fix it soon!! He is so good in plain t-shirt.. You think? hahah.. 
Full report later soon!! Haengshoo~~

gd sketch 1 photo 1-8.jpg
gd sketch 2 photo 2-9.jpg

In case anyone curious here, I'm still unemployed! hiks..  mercy my unoccupied soul T.T

Minggu, 24 Maret 2013

Freshly Unemployed

Hi guise!!!! I haven't updated this so-called my personal blog for a year!!! LOL  Yeah, it's not literally 12 months, but you see my last post was in freakin december 2012! Gosh! I feel deceiving my own self. Heheh.. Soo.. If you notice my post title.. Now I'm officialy hold my bachelor degree, and officially unemployed! So then I am more than able to to post again.. hehe.. I really bad in time managing, as you see.. For the past 6 months, my only job was my final project. That's it. But yet I can't or unwilling to do any other thing.. tsk tsk..So.. for you who was in your final year, I am bad role, okay. Just don't waste your time. Or just don't overthink. I realized, as I hold my final project for 1 semester, I decided it as I was promising to myself to not waste my time and doing my final project wholeheartedly while also building my future plan. So you know, when I finally graduated hopefully I've already been settled. Err.. but it's not that easy.. Okaay, enough for this old woman thinking! Just live with no regret everyday, and make better plans every single day. I'm really not feeling relieved right now! But I'm really really excited!! I have some plans to do next. I don't know if it'll work or not. But fortunately my dad fully trusted me to decide my own path. I don't know if I will back to college again or work my ass off instead. But actually continuing master degree is my first goal. But if it's not work, I don't mind to collect some money first hehe.. Just pray with me.. Hopefully I'll be settled soon before July or August, kay!!! Cheers for every unemployed bachelor right now!! We can do it! :D

graduation photo grad.jpg 
PS : my college bffs, whom mostly graduated previously came visiting my graduation day from far-faraway land. I can't be more grateful. You guys're the best!!! T.T *sobs  

Minggu, 09 Desember 2012

Back to Tumblr!!


So.. I talk about tumblr in blog. Hahah.. And as you can see, recently I mostly tumblr-ing around rather than blogging. I've own the tumblr account from a year or two, but just recently happened to be active in tumblr again. What I do in tumblr mostly just blabbering.. And mostly about errr.. Big Bang. Yeah, my current escapee, right. With all this dizziness and idea-block for my (I hope) final semester, I just need daily dose of instant happiness!! And tumblr is just the perfect place for err.. fangirling (you may say). Urrgghh I can't believe I speak about this hahah.. Seriously the fansite in tumblr are soo unbelievably and quickly updated, you know! I imagine those fangirls in tumblr just have no life. Or maybe because tumblr just so practical for quick update. I mostly tumblr-ing from my smartphone too. And also more reason why I don't blog much lately, bcoz I feel the urge to present more decent post in my blog. Which is much more difficult to do from your phone. And I just have no idea for any decent post while I pretty much have difficulty in my final project too soo.. I'll be in hiatus (again). And Just wish me luck --"

So you may see the more honest (or lame) side from me (like you care) in my tumblr page, not just about Big Bang coz I pretty much talking (and reblogging) nonsenses and miscellaneous things too haha... And whether you want to follow me or not. I've warn you what's my tumblr mostly about. So Just LIKE IT or LEAVE IT!! :) Bye! 

Minggu, 28 Oktober 2012

Eat Your Kimchi : For your koreanesque supply!


For you who didn't notice, nowadays I got a little bit K-POPismize, yeah?? (does it even a word?) If you are like me, if you are into kpop lately. I'm considered as newbie I think. You maybe feel a little annoyed, when you're being mocked by people who wasn't familiar about it. If you show them some of your korean stuff, they start judging and they will ask you, how could you like this stuff? And you (it maybe just me) couldn't even explain your reason clearly. Blame my lack of skill for public speaking --"

I do know really well about my taste and the reason. But, I tend to search for more information and other perspective to prove my opinion. And I tell you, fan website wasn't good choice at all. Well, I know fandom culture now was very bizzare right? When you got into a fan forum to get more review and stuff, all you can get is fanwar, then unreasonable and unending idolizing for current idol icon and stuff. This was the disgusting part of Kpop fandom culture. Because however awesome kpop artist are, they're just a common human right? I do adore some artists because of the talents and you can tell it was serious business just look at the effort they made. Moreover kpop was so fun to watch. That's it. So if you look for something more rational maybe you can find some international reviews and news, but it's just boring right? Nah.. for more fun option then you can check  the *drumroll* >> Eat Your Kimchi youtube channel

Senin, 22 Oktober 2012

Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

Hijab Scene

Ok, since I've been away for a while. I think I will post my unposted project heheh.. And so.. my cousin was married a month ago, previously my lovely auntie asked me to design the obligatory costume for me and my other little cousin. So these're some sketches..


Pernah gak ketika kalian harus mengerjakan suatu kewajiban, dikejar deadline terus ngerasa panik. Saking paniknya bingung harus ngerjain yang mana dulu. Sampai akhirnya berakhir dengan mengerjakan hal yang lain yang sama sekali gak membantu finishing the deadline.. Ga ada ya? Bagus deh, kayaknya saya aja yang kayak gini. Btw, I was doing this few weeks ago in that situation..
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