Selasa, 31 Mei 2011


Firstly, I warned you that it'll be such a random posting, guys.. No picture, photo, just babbling.. yeah.. You won't last till the last word. But since this is my own blog and it's free, I'll post anyway..

For you who know me, but surely you don't. I was such a lazy and proscastinator master.. This is my third year college, and this year will be the worst. I won't like stay like this though.. but.. in this world full of deadline and mood within, with just a bit boredom, or tacky concept, or just a little part of old-fashioned lecturer, you'll be so so lazy to continue on your task that you'll think will be good (note:for the first time).. And I can move my lazy butt to those real thing I've to complete.. So you know what make me woken up? ENVY!! yeah.. Envy to those people.. that so damnit always make me envy.. with my highschool dream they achieve.. they looked full of their personal goals!! I won't say that they are the bad person.. That bad would be me.. Those person were fine and sooo good, that make me such a bad person who got envy to them.. But, I won't give a damn, cause this envy woke me up!!

And I swear,

someday I WON'T get envy anymore!!

I will make my personal goals and be proud and pride of.. (God!! it got little bit over..) And you know, it's good to be in fun, but, yes it's true..

you want to be up there? Get hurt in your youth! a LOT!!

(It's ashamed again I get it from twitter).. Yes. that's it.

Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Belated Birthday

Finally I was able to give my birthday doodling to Karina!!! :* hehe.. Due to my low self-esteem.. I felt a bit coward, when she ordered a very fine digital picture for herself birthday gift (such a narsistic who ordered her own self portrait for her own birthday.. yeah..) so.. I decided to fix my doodling, give it later.. scan it.. and hoping by photoshop, it could be better.. Could you see the problem? why when we scan some watercolour pictures, the colour turned out to be this .. uuurrrgghhh.. Someone has better tips about it? Am I that bad in water colouring? (thought bout it I probably mixed too much water, did I? :p) I'm giving up to fix the colour digitally. But, I give it anyway.. yesterday, although her birthday was in April 15th.. late.. late...!! But then, It's such a relief that she like it... yeah.. It's been long since I give anything to my friends.. hehe.. It feels good.. hope this will be fun routine for other fun friends!! Just wait fellas!!

This is the doodling.. uuurrgghh the colour!! I give this original version that I think would look better
This is the edited version. Coming up with an idea and chance to edit this stuff for just a while ago :p
manually drawn by:drawing pen, maries watercolour
edited by : photoshop CS3

Selasa, 24 Mei 2011

'Big' brother project??

Okay.. since when my last post was? I'm such a newbie and still I am lazy just to blog something unimportant.. yeah.. what make me post was I just did blogwalking and found much more 'design' people.. so gorgeus, and I can't resist.. Aarrgghh.. kapan gw bisa keyen juga?? (haha.. makanya jgn mayes dudud.. oke, mulai alay gw --")

Sebenernya.. minggu-minggu ini gw banyak libur. Minggu depan juga bakal libur seminggu gara-gara snmptn. Punya banyak rencana posting blog, tapi tugas numpuk!! yeahh (task that never fully done, since I'm such a real proscastinator, like now.. I'm blogging in the middle of tasking.. laalala :p).. Dan minggu kemaren libur 4 hari aja dong gara-gara hari kejepit pas libur nasional terus libur bersama deh.. Awesome, quick, holiday.. soon I'll post bout the holiday!!

Nah, sekarang pengen nge-post tentang kerjaan gw buat adek cowok gw sendiri. Yeah.. He has much bigger body than me in his teen age, and I admit it, that he's actually more mature than me.. Since long time I wanted to call him big bro rather than lil one. No.. I can't. He's not little or cute at all. hehe.. So, I agree to help him create an event logo for his college event. Acaranya tentang memperkenalkan angkatan mereka ke senior-senior di kampus (note : ade gw mahasiswa tahun pertama).. And.. I made it in such a hurry in the midnight with my college task unfinished. Tema dan konsep acaranya bernuansa arab-arab gitu. Tapi nama acaranya ada kata 'romance'nya. Dan tagline acara mereka 'meet me at the oasis'. Menurut gw sih secara persuasif gitu mereka pengen ngajak para undangan ke tempat yang seindah oasis. Halaah.. Gw pikir2 ya boleh jugalah. Gw kira tadinya acara apa ada kata-kata 'romance'nya. Hehe.. Ternyata anak kedokteran bisa lumayan kreatif juga. So.. these are..

the first option, look like disgusting brain the dusty pink in the bottom, so I differentiate it by changing the colour , but I see it's doesn't work too much. Hehe.. So I decided I like the BW version. Oyeah, my first thought bcoz it has 'romance' in it.. It should be 'love; shape. Tacky? yeah! And it has no arabian or oasis feel in it.
The second one, feel like oasis I think, but all people I showed it tell that it just feel like a beach.. well, I feel it quite romantic and beach??
ni yg ke 3, mau nambahin unsur-unsur arabnya tapi malah kayak india2.. wakakakak
the last, and so far paling lumayan menurut gw.. but, either arabian, oasis feeling, it showed love again.. Jadi gw rasa the last option ini sekadar improvement dari opsi 1.. yeah..

Nah, jadi.. as you see.. semua alternatif yang gw bikin tidak ada yang fit dengan semua kombinasi tema, arab, oasis, and romance tadi... dan klo gw jadi anak dkv dan nge-asistensiin ini ke dosen gw, gw juga ngerasa pasti bakal dihajar belur gw-nya. But, since this is the first cooperation bout 'design' thingy with my 'own' brother, gw ngerasa.. it should be run well dong.. Tapi setelah di-kirim, di-tag ke ade gw.. responnya kayak siput.. And selayaknya berperan sebagai klien profesional sejati, akhirnya logo - logo ini tak ada yang dipake.. hahahaha (ketawa muka hampa).. Jawaban ade gw, "ah terlalu unyu, mbak... gausah deh.. hehe.. ".. eh buset.. pinter amat ni anak. So.. logo-logo ecek - ecek ini berakhir nasibnya dengan gw sebar di blog gratisan ini.. Enjoy aja deh..

(moral of the day : bikin logo, terutama buat ade sendiri, emang ga gampang)

Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Good, Bad, and Ugly

First of all, the posting tittle was inspired by this blog. It’s quite interesting, since the author was an exchange student from Indonesia who finally get in US. (I always obsessed in studying overseas, sorry for me :))

Then there are good and bad things going today. I will start with the good ones.

  1. I have Japanesse course today, and it getting more interesting.
  2. Someone being nice to me and comment in my blog.
  3. I have an Ice cream.
  4. I started drawing spontaneously (which is never happened lately)
  5. Enjoying both my drawing and the blue sky (it’s so clear and blue :))
  6. I was applying a new part-time job, hope it works for me and for the people I will work with (If I've been accepted)
  7. Google homepage today was so much fun, in memory of British author and illustrator of children's books, Roger Hargreaves (starting refreshing and saving all the logo appears)
  8. Listening both Incubus and Yui.
  9. Find interesting inspiration for my personal portofolio layout and concept.

And the bad things are

  1. My laptop showed decreasing performa symptom. *yeah cheap sh*t.. I’ll always love you anyway.. I have to.. :)
  2. I have no appetite lately. Wonder what happened with me. It’s not me. Hehe..
  3. The rain is pouring in bad time. I have laundry out there!!
  4. Although I found ideas for my portfolio project, it seems I don’t have enough time to finish it properly, since another tasks wait. T.T
  5. I have no mood to work on my main project this night!!! Urrggghh.. I getting confused with this class everyday.

Well.. I was surprised I can list the good things more than bad one. Somehow making list reminds me to the “Princess Diaries”. She always makes her diary has so much charms though.. By the way, about good and bad. I remember this illustration I make for the physics class in high schools many years ago. Actually, I like this so much. I found it quite good that moment. But now, It just seems a bit ugly. How'd you think?

My "Prof. Miauw" was manually drawn by : sorry, forget :p.. and digitally retouch by : corel draw (yeah)

Jumat, 06 Mei 2011

Coffe Song

So.. this day I found fun coincidental. Firstly when I randomly type 'coffe' in my Itunes search box.

Nah.. this is what I've found when I type it!! :D

Wahh.. dan ternyata kebetulan yg menyenangkan adalah semua lagu yg ada kata coffe-ny di library Itunes gw semuanya punya tune yg calming and swinging. Hehe... Apa makanya dikasih judul kopi ya? Seperti fungsi kopi yang bikin santai klo minum pas siang-siang yang cerah di caffe (gue sih di teras rumah atau depan jendela kamar, hehe) sambil santai baca buku pas weekend saat kita lagi pengen-pengenya santai setelah seminggu yang hectic sebelumnya, bukan pas minum kopi bwt dopping pas lembur lo ya.. I like this kind of stressless tunes always. :))

Soo.., inilah dia the coincidental coffe song playlist..
1. Coffe Prince Soundtrack
Hehe.. buat yg blom tau, gw lg suka nonton drama korea. Ini scoring yg gw suka banget. Walopun gw ga terlalu suka sama K-pop atw lagu2 korea. Tapi yg ini suggoi desu!! Seperti dramanya. It kinda has warm feeling. Light, and cute. Ada efek-efek air, kayak kopi yang dituang ke cangkir gitu. Kawaii!!

2. Coffe by Copeland
Kebetulan paling seneng ama lagu Copeland yg ini. Sebenernya liriknya dalem si. Tapi dimainkan dengan instrumen yang simpel. Jadinya malah lebih dalem. Good music. Enjoy this!! :)

3. Falling in Love at a Coffe Shop by Landon Pigg
Gw tau lagu ini karna liat ini sebagai salah satu "Reccomended Song for your Valentine Playlist" di mySpace. Jadi gw donlod aja dah (sorry for my *otakpembajak :p). Gw sebenernya ga terlalu suka ama ni lagu awalnya. Si Landon Pigg menurut gw suaranya terlalu menye-menye, terutama bagian yang "I never knew just what it was about this old coffee shop I love so much, All of the while I never knew..." yang jadi agak melengking gitu suaranya. Tapi pas tadi gw dengerin lagi gw jadi hanyut juga.. haha.. (lo kira sandal? hanyut di pantai? hehe)

4. Black Coffe by All Saints
Ini kayaknya yang kedengeran paling beda ya? Soalnya gayanya All Saints kan ada instrumen elektroniknya gitu. Tapi walaupun gitu lagu-lagunya gak berasa di disko. Gak berasa terlalu calming juga. Mungkin lebih berasa lagi trance karena nemu kopi luwak yang joss.. hehe.. Ni lagu enak bgt klo didengerin pas belajar. Ini juga klo ga salah ada di albumnya yang paling pertama. Jadi mungkin bisa dikatakan promotor masterpiece All Saints. Cool!! :)

It's good I like to do many random acts and just following my heart and feelings. Everything not always have to be done properly based on schedule. This unifficient random and spontaneous act makes us treasure many coincidental fun that is pretty pleasant to me. Those silly act sometimes make me see many things with other perspective and open my mind to found other things that won't do when we get to usual boring routine. Plus act differently for every single day will raise your spirit and open your creative mind. :D

Minggu, 01 Mei 2011

Blue Wall

New wallpaper!! Oh.. how I missed enjoying blue sky and warm breeze in the old time.. Waaa!! And.. oyeah, if you realize you'll find out that I'm sooo last year for technology thingy.. I even haven't moved on to vista in this two thousand and eleven :p

PS: Sorry, I don't remember where I've got this blue sky background pic. I edited a little anyway. But if anyone feel this blue sky pic is yours and demanded, just say directly to me. :)
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