Sabtu, 17 Desember 2011


Yeah, well.. I've decided to drop one of the most important subject for my college.. Dumb?? However, I found that decision to step back was so much more frustating to take, yet it more understable than try hard without any clear progress to move forward. I might look too realistic or coward? But for long time enthusiastically doing everything without structured plan, I think now it's the right time to stop and think for a moment. Heheh.. The side effect, this 'important' subject who took a big deadline every nearly weekend and take 2 full days attendance in class too is now gone. (yeah, it IS that important since it take 2 days of college) And I found ehmm.. you can say.. empty spaces? or more spare time? than before. In contrary, it forced me to do better and harder job for another subject. ehm.. your furniture.. ehm.. --" I do believe we are good enough. Every decision we made just make us who we are. Don't we have to take control of our own self? Yes, I do believe I am good enough. Bye

5 komentar:

  1. Well everyone should know how much their value is and that's good that you already knew yours! :D


  2. that picture is by your hand? ahmazing!!

  3. @vivid : thankyou <3

    @aldila : hehe.. ahmasa??


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