Minggu, 21 Oktober 2012

Hijab Scene

Ok, since I've been away for a while. I think I will post my unposted project heheh.. And so.. my cousin was married a month ago, previously my lovely auntie asked me to design the obligatory costume for me and my other little cousin. So these're some sketches..

hijab2 hijab3 
We decided to picked the last design here. Because actually my mistake to design the clothes as flowing dress when actually the fabric wasn't "flowing" at all.. Oh yeah, I just see the peek of picture my cousin sent to me so I don't really know. Anyhow, I actually love the first design that was so "flowing" hahah
Hardly had any time to take photo coz I had to rush back to Surabaya. Well, the girls for the clothes were myself and my sister, two girls in the left back. I wasn't really satisfied yeah.. but it's not so bad for first attempt.. isn't it?

6 komentar:

  1. asik ya anak design
    bisa design baju sendiri >.<

    1. kalo yg kayak gini, smua jga pasti bisa kok :)

  2. mba aku mau ijin boleh ambil desainnya mba ngga?aku mau bikin baju tp ga bs desain sendiri:)


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