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Eat Your Kimchi : For your koreanesque supply!


For you who didn't notice, nowadays I got a little bit K-POPismize, yeah?? (does it even a word?) If you are like me, if you are into kpop lately. I'm considered as newbie I think. You maybe feel a little annoyed, when you're being mocked by people who wasn't familiar about it. If you show them some of your korean stuff, they start judging and they will ask you, how could you like this stuff? And you (it maybe just me) couldn't even explain your reason clearly. Blame my lack of skill for public speaking --"

I do know really well about my taste and the reason. But, I tend to search for more information and other perspective to prove my opinion. And I tell you, fan website wasn't good choice at all. Well, I know fandom culture now was very bizzare right? When you got into a fan forum to get more review and stuff, all you can get is fanwar, then unreasonable and unending idolizing for current idol icon and stuff. This was the disgusting part of Kpop fandom culture. Because however awesome kpop artist are, they're just a common human right? I do adore some artists because of the talents and you can tell it was serious business just look at the effort they made. Moreover kpop was so fun to watch. That's it. So if you look for something more rational maybe you can find some international reviews and news, but it's just boring right? Nah.. for more fun option then you can check  the *drumroll* >> Eat Your Kimchi youtube channel
This channel was ran by married Canadian couple, Simon and Martina who lived in South Korea and reviewed KPOP video for living. They do review other part of korean culture too, like food, cool places and restaurants and how is life in Korea even some of television drama. Since they are foreigner and used to be teacher (when first coming there) they have different view and objective sense about KPOP music, even the bizzare ones. The best part, they are hillarious!! Their videos're so funny! They will make you realize what part in some video that was really ridiculous and not make sense at all by showing some nasty and silly gag and jokes! And also let you learn what's the best part of the music and performance in those videos. They also kind of bridge between kpop artists and international fans, coz they also got to interview some of them!! Hell, they also have their own fans among international kpop fans. This is one of their most viewed video review, about "Girls Generation : The Boys".

And this is my fave interview video. They happened to interview the girls from Wonder Girls!! Made me realize this girls were such lovely girl and the most fluent in English among other kpop group I've ever seen.. Ha!

If you have checked them for a while you maybe will notice that they are a bit more supportive to YG artists. *Haha.. some of reasons why I love them.. Check their statement about YG artist HERE..  
And it seems that they really into colour. Not only Martina has pink hair and Simon has red chicken hair. They also had a dog named Spudgy who had BLUE fur!! Also grey cat named Dr. Meemersworth (Okay, the cat is grey and white, but it's so cute!!)

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Also check their WEBSITE HERE  for further story and explanation. Also, you can vote what Kpop MV for their music show : KPOP Music Monday, or ask them to review something random about korea you really curious to know more!

PS: Simon, Martina! You really have to give me an incentive to put you here :p

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