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For you!! Your Daddy,s daughter

I know this common preference about the girl gettin' close to her dad, and the boy to his mom. Well, it's really subjective. But since now, I just have dad, I won't (or can't) split my heart. Thus, maybe made me a real tearjeker when I watch any family drama movie, especially when the focus ran to father's character. These below are my movie lists dedicated to any father. I really mean it, I can't stop thinking about my daddy during this teary wetty movies, guys. These movies make me feel blessed, that till now, (although I can't see him everytime) we still have each other, in other side make me feel cursed too, realizing that I acted like a grumpy kid sometimes. Ouch.. believe me, nothing better than your own dad..

1. I am Sam (2001)

I just watch it a few days ago. Also inspire me to make this lists. I can't believe I never tried to watch it before. It's been my list like for years.. And when I finally watch it, tears never fail to fall down. Haha.. don't you see I'm little too easy to cry.. No.. no.. actually I rarely cry. But when you being grown up(at least for me), it seems everything little bit tacky made your guards easily down. And the tears fall down just like about 15 minutes after the film begin, and during the WHOLE duration. Goshh..
Back again, I have no hesitation why everyone get easily fall in love with Dakota Fanning in first place. She's brilliant. And no doubt Sean Penn is awesome as Sam, a retarded dad. And Dakota Fanning as Sam's daughter is really both cute and smart, oh and wise. She is so lovely, and I don't know whether there is someone like her role in this real world. She played as Lucy, a girl from retarded dad, no mom, and fully love her dad, not care bout what he is capable of. Oh man.. how I wish I can be like her in age 7. But no.. this role is just perfect. But yet lovely and endearing. Lovely and endearing enough to get nominated in any awards you can remind of, plus being well noticed in film industry. Really good leap for Dakota. And the acting of Sean Penn, I dare to say only gettin beaten by the Forrest Gump guy, Mr. Tom Hanks. It really make me feel blessed to have a normal daddy like I do. This film really serious too, to make some real actor with (sorry) real retarded mental illness, they played as Sam's BF. Oh.. look at the poster with cutie little Dakota Fanning in it. How we miss her cute face..

2. Pursuit of Happyness (2006)
Maybe one of most popular movie within this theme. This is real story anyway. I haven't read the book yet (Yes it come from a book). And it being played by Mr. Will "popular" Smith!! hehe.. And also the first role with his own talented son. Jaden Smith. You know the one in Karate Kid. Hmm.. Will Smith act like.. ehmm.. like.. him.. I think. should I say how he act? He act like him, right? I don't know how to describe. And Little Jaden here started to show his talent. Like Dad, like son, huh?
Well, what we have to watch was the story line, because it really make us shympatize, no matter what. I just can't believe there is such people in country like U.S living like this couple, daddy and his boy. They lived like tramp, homeless, and living in different place every single day. How hard it can be. Luckily being a tramp in U.S, government still provide place to this kind of people (though it's actually very very limited). Imagine if they took place in here, Indonesia, you will instantly living in a cardboard box beside, stingy river or dangerous railway.

3. Armageddon (1998)

Don't laugh!! To make this half sci fi-drama movie as movie-that-make-me-cry-cause-reminding-me-of-dad. Because I really do!!. No.. not the scene when Ben Affleck played his backstreet love with Brucce Willis's only daughter. Or when they cut the meteor (It still amazed me, how they came up with the idea "You can explode the meteor to stop the earth doomed!!" It really americano superiority, huh?).. Back then what my daddy daughter's heart really touched was the last part. The last part when Bruce Willis sacrificing himself instead of her daughter's hubby. This.. how tacky that part.. is a real superhero action. I've been watch it hundred times, Vcd, dvd, tv and this last part never fail me. How strong the will of a brave daddy is.. always crossed in my mind when I watched this part.

So far, I just can only came with these. Any other daddy's daughter has their own list? Let me know!! :)

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