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L'arc~en~Ciel World Tour 2012 [Jakarta Concert]

Attention : It maybe a little bit biased. And I don't accept bad words for this one.

L'arc opening
credit : natalie 

At least for maybe several month.. (or years ?) ahead, so I wrote this to carve the incredible moments into my lame brain

The L'concert has been 5 days ago. I will say, that I still felt the excitement, the euphoria, but I'm sober now.. Maybe, if I wrote this right away after the concert, I'd just carelessly use capital alphabet for entire post, spreading screaming emoticon everywhere.. Haha.. Yes!! They're THAT awesome!!

I've known this awesome band since junior high school, back then I was a huge fan of the Battosai in anime Samurai X. and thus the "4th Avenue Cafe" which is came as the soundtrack, was my very first glimpse of love for L'arc. I still a kid back then. I didn't even know mp3 yet. I also never counted myself as a truly diehard fans and dilligently followed their every album. But I always knew since then, if I ever come to a concert, I definitely will come for L'arc~en~Ciel!! And thank God, this childhood dreams, the feeling that I just come to like the fiction-untouchable-figure, has really come true. They even sang that memorable 4th Avenue Cafe!! *cry

memorable "4th avenue cafe" credit to 

2nd May began with me and my partner fellas spend almost 8 hours for queuing up and waiting till the concert began. The queuing system was just a mess --". Btw, I got the Premium pass. Later on, this was my biggest regret. Cause dammmnn the VIP's were just so lucky!! The fact that they were so close to the stage and the place just much bigger compare the VIP audiences that fill it up. It was undeniably make everyone envy, especially me that was so close from the border fence between VIP and Premium's. (Btw, the pass order was VIP in the front and nearest to the stage, premium in the middle and the back of the rest was for the Regular's) During the concert I could clearly watch the VIP's run along together with Hyde and other member when they run from other side of stage to another. Tsk..

Well' But still lucky to be the 2nd row in Premium's. So just keep it for next chance. Ameen!! 

Even before anything started, the audience feel so excited to see L'arec crew walking around. We just can't wait longer, but we already wait for years, right? The first song "Ibara no Namida" started to wake everyone up. The tiresome of hours waiting just somehow forgotten.. The opening was this sophisticated butterfly graphic scene in the high definition megazord screen in the center stage and the other  two complimentary giant screen beside the center one. For short SPECTACULAR stage!! I can hear the first part of Hyde singing solemnly with spotlight with neatly instrument sound along. That time I just still thinking if I was in kind of dream. Surreal and beautiful feeling. Just when Hyde came across in front of my place, although it maybe 10 meters away, I ensured myself that this was real!!. There, I could see Hyde with his signature dance, the fast hand Yukkie like in trans, the charming Ken with his cigarette between his lips and cute Tetsu with his pink guitar. Especially Hyde I couldn't believe that he's really 43 yo. He looks any older, till I was afraid that he actually a vampire that couldn't grow old. He just sooo beautiful. They seemed come with usual format and style, (which is I like). My fave the stylist Tetsu came with a matching ivory outfit with 3 different stroking colour shawl during the concert, Hyde with his adorable androgynious style and also comeback with his braided hair, manly Ken with his blink shirt and suit, and Yukkie came comfortably with sleeveless dye shirt showed his biceps.(Don't need to talk eh, Yukkie?? Your biceps with fast hand swinging showed everything? hahah)

credit : natalie 

From Ibara no Namida the adrenaline still keeping up to "Chase" and "Goodluck My way" including the song "Honey" which is famous enough here and this is (so far I can remember) the only song Hyde playing guitar too. Before the "Honey", Hyde greeted the audience with Bahasa. It was such a mess really, but how can it be so sexy too??  Till the next song "Revelation".. make my heart beat fast also during the flirtiest L' song ever, "XXX". And  "Fate" that I actually didn't notice before this live concert actually was also awesome and has unique beat. The "Hitomi no Jyuunin" was being performed while Hyde (this time wearing big women hat), Ken and Tetsu sitting comfortably make us feel less tense. Somehow I feel that Hyde make a sound like crying in this moment (?) And yes, he was really crying in "Forbidden Lover". For note, I also didn't like this song too much before, but watching it live made big difference. I can felt the song had hurtful and deep feeling. Watching Hyde shed his tears, almost the audience shout "Hyde!!" while swaying our lightstick. 

Hyde greeting in Bahasa + Honey. Credit to 

l'arc hyde cry
Hyde shed tears in "Forbidden Lover". Source

The next memorable moment was the part of "My Heart Draw A Dream" being perform. Then we really siang along together. In fact from the beginning of concert we kept singing as if we really spoke Japanesse.. Some veteran fans that already watched them live, said that this is really the first time they watch the fans so cooperative, know every song, and sing along together. Hyde and other member seemed really shocked too and yet excited I can see Hyde's small grin even Yukkie's when we sang along the part of "yume wo egaku yo yume wo egaku yo my heart draws a dream.." The atmosphere really high also in "Seventh Heaven!!"   There were even the ribbon confetti exploded in this song! We shout clash and flash in "Driver's High" song even shout oi.. oi.. oi!! along Yukkie's drum hit. Hyde even give us mic during the "Driver's HIgh" and it such a rare habit. Salute for indonesian fans since we are so cooperative. And no wonder many of us has waited for them for ten years even more.

"My Heart Draws a Dream" credit to 

Oh, after the My Hearts Draw A Dream, Ken took part as MC. And this was really hillarious, since he use Bahasa even slang words!! Hahah

credit to 
Ken : Ada yang pake bikini gak?? Audience : Nggak!! Ken : Nice bikini nggak!!
Hwahaha dorky Ken!!
(anyway, you should see Hyde's face in 04:20, the moment when he just upset that the 
bamboo flute didn't work out, priceless!!)

Plus!! I saw Ken unzipped and zipped his pants in " Seven Heaven". It clearly recorded in giant screen though. I don't know if he was intentionally did it. But that moment it  just so random view after saw Ken turn out jokes like that with "bikini" thing! Hahah..

The performance began again. This Tetsu perform solo bass. I don't know what giant words other than awesome?? No wonder he was being called as the talented legendary bassist from Japan. Great!! And continue with " Stay Away" which is famous and familiar, turned the spirit up again. And here we go the most famous "Ready Steady Go".. it even have the firework in the start.Hyde shout "Are you fuckin readyy??" And boom!! The fireworks exploded and whoossh.. the king-megazord-screen divided into 4 box. And it not finish yet.. Yukihiro put a show on solo drum. I feltl he just like in trans, drunken just with his drums. But my friend said that he used to be better.. Well, unless his silence, I thought that he did good job.

The next moment was the most touching and exquisite moment. The encore just started. While the light suddenly off. We know it wasn't finish yet. And shouted even started singing one part of "Anata". The rain start pour lightly but no one care.. then this text came out of the screen..

"mune ni itsu no hi ni mo kagayaku
anata ga iru kara
namida karehatetemo taisetsuna
anata ga iru kara"

without any instrument, we just singing solemnly till hyde came out, gave us the mic and we started sang along together under the drizzle rain,, really touching and dramatic indeed. And after the song ended, just like that, magically, the rain also stopped.

"Anata" credit to 

We continue with my long awaited 4th avenue cafe. Great!! Moved to "Link" in the first half, the performance stopped and Tetsu took part as MC. And this part just so ridiculuos!!!

credit to 
"Gue suju dari korea! Oops!!" and they go "boooo!!" haha.. *no effense Suju fans :p

"Link" started again. and Hyde speak in Bahasa again. Anyhow, have everyone noticed that the translator was just very creative, Since he seemed to translate the script for each member based on their personality. Ken and Tetsu use the slang words, which Ken speaks "Gua" (red: slang words for "aku" "I") and Tetsu spoke "Gue" (also slang words for "aku"). While only Hyde spoke "Aku" which is show his cuteness!! Hyde said in Bahasa  that this is our last song ("Niji")and we will come back to Indonesia again! Terima kasih!! (thank you).. Oh My God. I really hope so!

The next unique part before light off was for our Mokimpo-kun! Tetsuya throwed his famous trademark banana and lolipop. Then played with his banana gun water. I don't expect any banana though, since that thing will quickly rotten. I wonder the one who got it will really confuse how to keep it. Haha.. But this was actually one of unique trademark from every l'arc concert, and it was really nice interaction with the leader Tetsu and audiences.

Overall, beside the real professional performance, the energetic, and fit voice. Remember, they're already passed 40 yo! Hyde still sounds like in his gold era, Tetsu and Ken is just GREAT!! And Yukkie, aside my friends comment, he did good job in my ears.. The custom, stage, lighting, effect! Effect!! I forgot to mention this. Confetti everywhere!! The light burn! The firework, the ribbon blower, and the feather blowing in the end. They are the real musician, performer, artist, you name it! And maybe also entertainer? The gimmick was just so fun! They used almost full Bahasa, and even the slang words showed how much effort they gave to get closer with fans. The setlist was carefully selected.We have tense, fun, relaxing moment, getting high again, laughing our head off, touching moment and crying together.. Maybe only L'arc~en~Ciel can do this, since they have many different genre for their song where touch different emotions for each. That's the proof even with the language border and culture, they really did great job and teamwork as musician and so the fans was that big. And Indonesian fans thankfully was so cooperative. Oh btw, Jakarta also the only one outdoor venue among other country in their 2012 world tour. Really hoping their promise to come back again!! I'll definitely in VIP's!! And for now the dvd world tour also please release soon!! Damn that merchandise sale girl, that she gave me the cd instead their latest concert dvd. Ergghh!!

Come back soon Hyde, Ken, Tetsu, Yukkie!! Arigatou!!

np : fiuuhh that's the longest post I've ever made

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