Kamis, 28 April 2011

design is design

the pic here

Ada yang tau "Design for Life"nya Phillipe Starck yang pernah tayang di BBC? Woah.. especially for you who into the product design, this is really inspiring show!! Me personally love the way of thinking and stats from the main leader of this show, Phillipe Starck, who also well-known designer and I adore him so much as a designer (he also has the unique accent when talking :p). The show was located in Paris!!! Where the Starck's design agency was based. These are the quotes from Starck in this show that I love the most!!

“I am a Professional Dreamer”

“We are NOT AN ARTIST, we must be proud to just make chairs, one of the most difficult things to do, a lot more difficult than make a sculpture”

The second statement came when he heard the explanation from one of the participant/student about her unique chair design (that bring her to the show). She said it's actually kind of sculpture. And Starck kinda hate that argument. Well, it's true. Making a well-designed chair is not that easy. Trust me! I've been suffered for it!! haha

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