Kamis, 26 Mei 2011

Belated Birthday

Finally I was able to give my birthday doodling to Karina!!! :* hehe.. Due to my low self-esteem.. I felt a bit coward, when she ordered a very fine digital picture for herself birthday gift (such a narsistic who ordered her own self portrait for her own birthday.. yeah..) so.. I decided to fix my doodling, give it later.. scan it.. and hoping by photoshop, it could be better.. Could you see the problem? why when we scan some watercolour pictures, the colour turned out to be this .. uuurrrgghhh.. Someone has better tips about it? Am I that bad in water colouring? (thought bout it I probably mixed too much water, did I? :p) I'm giving up to fix the colour digitally. But, I give it anyway.. yesterday, although her birthday was in April 15th.. late.. late...!! But then, It's such a relief that she like it... yeah.. It's been long since I give anything to my friends.. hehe.. It feels good.. hope this will be fun routine for other fun friends!! Just wait fellas!!

This is the doodling.. uuurrgghh the colour!! I give this original version that I think would look better
This is the edited version. Coming up with an idea and chance to edit this stuff for just a while ago :p
manually drawn by:drawing pen, maries watercolour
edited by : photoshop CS3

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