Senin, 09 Mei 2011

Good, Bad, and Ugly

First of all, the posting tittle was inspired by this blog. It’s quite interesting, since the author was an exchange student from Indonesia who finally get in US. (I always obsessed in studying overseas, sorry for me :))

Then there are good and bad things going today. I will start with the good ones.

  1. I have Japanesse course today, and it getting more interesting.
  2. Someone being nice to me and comment in my blog.
  3. I have an Ice cream.
  4. I started drawing spontaneously (which is never happened lately)
  5. Enjoying both my drawing and the blue sky (it’s so clear and blue :))
  6. I was applying a new part-time job, hope it works for me and for the people I will work with (If I've been accepted)
  7. Google homepage today was so much fun, in memory of British author and illustrator of children's books, Roger Hargreaves (starting refreshing and saving all the logo appears)
  8. Listening both Incubus and Yui.
  9. Find interesting inspiration for my personal portofolio layout and concept.

And the bad things are

  1. My laptop showed decreasing performa symptom. *yeah cheap sh*t.. I’ll always love you anyway.. I have to.. :)
  2. I have no appetite lately. Wonder what happened with me. It’s not me. Hehe..
  3. The rain is pouring in bad time. I have laundry out there!!
  4. Although I found ideas for my portfolio project, it seems I don’t have enough time to finish it properly, since another tasks wait. T.T
  5. I have no mood to work on my main project this night!!! Urrggghh.. I getting confused with this class everyday.

Well.. I was surprised I can list the good things more than bad one. Somehow making list reminds me to the “Princess Diaries”. She always makes her diary has so much charms though.. By the way, about good and bad. I remember this illustration I make for the physics class in high schools many years ago. Actually, I like this so much. I found it quite good that moment. But now, It just seems a bit ugly. How'd you think?

My "Prof. Miauw" was manually drawn by : sorry, forget :p.. and digitally retouch by : corel draw (yeah)

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