Selasa, 31 Mei 2011


Firstly, I warned you that it'll be such a random posting, guys.. No picture, photo, just babbling.. yeah.. You won't last till the last word. But since this is my own blog and it's free, I'll post anyway..

For you who know me, but surely you don't. I was such a lazy and proscastinator master.. This is my third year college, and this year will be the worst. I won't like stay like this though.. but.. in this world full of deadline and mood within, with just a bit boredom, or tacky concept, or just a little part of old-fashioned lecturer, you'll be so so lazy to continue on your task that you'll think will be good (note:for the first time).. And I can move my lazy butt to those real thing I've to complete.. So you know what make me woken up? ENVY!! yeah.. Envy to those people.. that so damnit always make me envy.. with my highschool dream they achieve.. they looked full of their personal goals!! I won't say that they are the bad person.. That bad would be me.. Those person were fine and sooo good, that make me such a bad person who got envy to them.. But, I won't give a damn, cause this envy woke me up!!

And I swear,

someday I WON'T get envy anymore!!

I will make my personal goals and be proud and pride of.. (God!! it got little bit over..) And you know, it's good to be in fun, but, yes it's true..

you want to be up there? Get hurt in your youth! a LOT!!

(It's ashamed again I get it from twitter).. Yes. that's it.

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