Minggu, 09 Oktober 2011

What it means to you?

Well firstly, let me tell you that it's not a writting with religious view. It's not that I'm a religioustalk-anti-person. I wear hijab afterall. It's just I want to talk that I think have to be concerned. It's about hijab.

Back then, first time I wear these 'commitment', it was in Senior High School, in the end of second year. That year 2006 hijab is already a common look. (You can say it is, compared to those 80's and 70's era, right?) My school actually give the very strong influence for my decision. I can call it as the most religious state High school in my town. Yes, my school is not an islamic shool, but the atmosphere, the rules, and people in it, fully giving support of this positive habit. Back to those time is the time that I really learn about Islam that much. And voila!!! Me, known as ignorant, careless, messy-short-hair and this childish-never-grown-up girl wore those holy veil. My biggest motive is the friend's word of mine. She said that whoever 'balig' girl has to wear hijab. Otherwise every sheet of her hair seen by 'non-muhrim' is a SIN. This friend is not those silent girl with strong religious view and wear those long and baggy hijabs. But, she wears hijab and she's also big fan of FI racing car, like smart humour so much (which is why she's so smart and funny in debating class) and wore those rookie converse. This straight-forward friend told me when I'm a brand new high-school girl. And her words is like humming in my brain for like along the year. And I think. Oh my God! How many pray moment I miss? How many time I lies? And how many time I hurt my Mom?? All of those little, unimportant things are SINNED!! I tell you, I was that type of person who always make a very loooong think before decided something. And I like to wait in a very perfect moment for a very perfect decision. But those often make me decided nothing in the end. And this time I can't wait any longer!! I still wait for a good time though. My transformation began in the first day in second semester of my second year. My bf, Anggi, surprisedly do the same. Hehe.. My thought that time, At least my hair is no longer a burden for me. Those what I was thinking behind my decision. It's just that silly thought.

I learn more about hijab after wear it. My mom who also wear it (she wear it since college in those very 'hectic' era, where hijab isn't as free as now or moreover getting trend) told me this superb advice, that you can be yourself while wearing hijab, improve yourself to be better along your journey, where mistake is as natural as before since you just try to be better after, but "Once you wear it, You won't never ever took those hijab off!!". As time goes, me who honestly a very stubborn person, accept some of my friend's critiques and advices about my careless lifestyle. How I can be a better person. For the sake of this cloth wrapped around my head. I learn that though I seem always see the world in easy way. I just can't be easy with this one. I learn that the holy cloth isn't just a commitment. It become an important need for a girl and it become a real identity.

Well, I admit I still run in the frontyard without hijab (and run back when boys appear), sometimes miss my pray, and in-coincidentally hurt people with my careless words. But I promise everytime to be better everyday. It just "nobody is perfect" is true words, right?

Thus, I can't understand about weird symptom in this hijab era lately. In my country, Indonesia. Hijab now getting a trend. Everyone wearing hijab. Even it get a really special place in fashion runaway. My friend who seems unlikely wore hijab, or even getting seen to take a pray, even sound her voice to wear hijab. And more celebrity wore hijab in ramadhan month. Well, that's acceptable enough. Even, it's one of good point of this trend. But, the most freaked me out are those who wore hijab but seems not taking it as a real matter. Come on!! It's a cloth with your religion embossed there. I don't mean everyone with hijab is an holy angel. We are human. And we're just clarified our real identity trough this cloth. It's how we are, and how we want to be performed. Don't take it lightly, guys, but do warn us, if we make mistake or slipped away.

The 'those people' which I mean Those who committed wearing hijab in their daily life, but still spreading their so-called-cute photos with long hair or even minimum clothed on. Do you want hijab as your identity or it just your statement-style, huh? Those who seen with hijab, but still walk out meet her boyfriend with short and loose tee. Errggh.. You know you're not halal for him until the bond get official , right? And so many more..

Okay maybe, it's actually subjective and selfish opinion. I never take off my hijab in front of boyfriend is bcoz I don't have one. And I never get my photo showed off is bcoz I'm not as confident or as pretty as you. I'm not that perfect on my side too. Like I said, I still miss pray, still play roughly, bla bla bla.. It just if the so-unlikely-rough-untidy girl like me treasured this simply cloth, and take care of it hardly as careful as I can, why you just easily take it off in anytime you want. It just, what that hijab means to you, girl?

PS: Sorry for the poor English!! No offense, girls. Do warn each other, okay?? :)

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  1. everyone with hijab is NOT an holy angel
    they can walk with they BF if they want :p


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