Kamis, 18 Oktober 2012

currently favorite watch "CrayOn" by G-Dragon

[mumpung masih high for Big Bang]
If you into something quirky, colourful and fun, then you must watch this!! You'll know why when you see the MV. And I love to watch the live performance!! It really felt like festival ambience, and GD going all crazy. It feels so much fun! Both captivating and refreshing. I love how every live show GD always stay high! GD and Teddy as the producer of this song (Yes, GD controls and produces his own music) really make great tittle track. Oh and I really love the fact that the rest of track in his newest album "One of A Kind" have totally different feeling and genre for each track. Smart! I really recommend the semi-ballad song tittled "In the End" for mellow feeling hehe.. Still saving though for purchasing the album, last concert really make me broke T.T.. Well, this 2 video below contain the live show I've got to seen and I continue to wait another performances :D

My favorite part in Crayon music video!! Look both cute and fierce!! Hahah..
Swag check!! Duh.. as much as I hate the word swag, I like it when GD says it! Okay, this blog soon to be fangirling spot. Let's move on!

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