Rabu, 14 September 2011

it's fun fun fun!!

For me, the best doodling moment is when you spontaneusly, unseriously playing with your writting tools and naturally moving your finger. Doodling is (for hiperbolic phrase) a sweet escape. That's why you like to doodle in the middle of class, while being trapped in uber-boring speech from 'antique' teacher, don't you? :p And since it was sweet escape, it became fun too. That moment your ideas just naturally find their way out. Creativity do come out in unexpected and a very last moment, right? Hehe..

That's what happen to me. Just like now, my sweet escape for my task finding the most suitable and the most worked theme for my design research and my future final task. Since I have to deal with this stuff at least ONE full year. I just don't wanna have a chance to be bored or moreover be failed. Gosh!! Coz that's mean I have to return from the very first step. And like it's not enough, I have to think about other subject theme projects, though they're not the main project like the research one, still the 'other subject' is not-that-easy-stuff.Urrggh.. It's really a stuff, guys!! My natural habit for kind of thing is browsing. (typical --") And instead of searching a bit of enlightment, I doing this.

Coz I do it while browsing, I just instantly imitate. Hehe.. (Yes, now you know how much my brain is ) And pic above come from here. An artwork from my senior class. Have no guts too get his permission, hope he never found out! *finger crossed*
And the second one inspired from here. An artwork from one of my favorite local illustrator. Goshh.. She's creepy!! Urrgh such a big different. Oh whatever..

Uurgh.. How much I wish research theme is as natural as doodling. Wish me luck, won't you??

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