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Movie : Borrowers Arrietty (2010)

Heiho!! Everyone!!! I'm in such good mood today, cause I've been watch 'Borrowers Arrietty'!! For you who don't know, It's the latest Ghibli movie. After the last cute 'Ponyo' movie, I can't wait to see the next. This is actually kind of drama, but it still is amazing as well. For me it's good healing watch. Thankyou Ghibli!!

You will know the plot when you see pic below
It should be the poster instead of this other one below, right?

Yes, this is the story of "so-called" little people called Arrietty and her family. She's pretty isn't she? Altough when I know Arriety is actually a name, I suddenly thought of "Ariyati" a common Indonesian name which is soooo last year... Haha..

Arrietty and her family called their species as "The Borrowers" or Karigurashi in Japanesse. Because they live with 'borrowing" stuffs from human beans that scattered around, such as needle, napkin, sometimes a very tiny amount of sugar, etc. The story began when Arrietty started her first "borrowing" experience in human house (where they lived hidden inside). Meanwhile that time Sho, a 12 year old sick kid started to move there a while in a quiet countryside. In that Arriety's first experience, Sho see her. For more info, the Borrowers can not be seen by the human beans. Since they've been seen, the Borrowers family have to move in order to prevent the further accident to prevent human harmed their existence.

The borrowers made me thought about another movie in past. And yes, there is actually a hollywod kid movie in 1997 tittled as "The Borrowers". Which is so hollywood typical. With silly kid action with dumb antagonist role. Don't you remember this?

Well, hollywood is hollywood. I do watch them. But I loveee Ghibli much more. And the adaptation from Ghibli is just enchanted. By the way, both of this borrower movie are based on 1952 novel The Borrowers by Mary Norton.

In the hollywood adaptation, with many of kid action. Ghibli made it in very different way. This movie actually focused in relationship between Sho and Arrietty. Like Ghibli it's more drama and it's so sweeeet (OMG! I can't believe I said this phrase). The quality picture is so damn eye candy. It's dreamy, detail and it's Ghibli. Well, the most favorite place for me, is Arrietty room in their Borrower's house.
Arrietty said "It's my own little garden".. Girls!!Bring me my own garden too please!!!

I don't know why. But I can't think the reason why the boy character in Ghibli's movie is such alike. Sho is just like the boy from "Whisper of the Heart" and "Tales from Earth Sea". In this Arrietty, Sho come with a soft character. (Well, he's sick, right?). But yet, Sho show a gentletype man eventhough he's just 12 years old boy. FYI, Arrietty is 14.

How much they alike, after watch this, my favorite is still Sho. Kyaaa (fangirl act). But still, he can't ever beat Haku from Spirited Away. Hehe.. My favorite scene is when Arrietty meet Sho to tell him, that she will move soon.

The most important point when you see Ghibli's movie is they're soo Ghibli. (err, what do you mean?? --") Well, I mean they have their own idealistism or kind like that, right?. But, what I miss as Ghibli standard in this movie are their weird, quirky, creatures. When, other Ghibli's movie like "The Cat returns", "Howl's Moving Castle" come with full of mystical creatures, this movie is missing this critical part. Arrietty itself is weird though, she is 10 cm tall. But, I see almost no different with "The Whisper of The Heart" which is like teen love story. Maybe, I have too high expectation, like "The Spirited Away" which came with full package Ghibli movie with unlike story, lovely boy and girl character, breathtaking mystical scenery and full of kinds of Ghibli's type of creatures. Unfortunately I said, this movie can't ever beat the legendary "Spirited Away". Well, I should not hope. The director is Hiromasha Yonebayashi, with only 37 years old is the youngest director who has directed a film by Studio Ghibli. While, Hayao Miyazaki himself is responsible for planning the project, which has undoubtedly served as the safety net for the beginner Yonebayashi. Hey, but I don't blame you mister!! You do a great job. And Hayao Miyazaki sensei actually need retired too, I actually worried about his health in his very senior age. But still hoped for his another movie. It's such a dilemma. Really!! Mr. Yonebayashi actually give us a fresh air of Ghibli. It absolutely fulfill our thirst of Ghibli Movie since the latest "Ponyo" movie.

Oh, One more, mister Yonebayashi!! I like the soundtrack soooo much. Where did you find this Cecile Corbel?? First time I thought she was a Japanesse. This Cecile Corbel's angelic voice and string talent make the lovely soundtrack always humming in my ear till now!! Gosh.. Everyone, if you have any info about this soundtrack album please tell me right away!! Arigatou!! :D

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